Corona Virus

A virus or bacteria has been due to cause a pandemic for a number of decades as we are overpopulated and also there has been liberal use of antibiotics.

This was published on Sep 23 2016

There is a large amount of bureaucracy in the N.H.S which I believe can be eliminated. Also the online medical prescription system is a failure. I.have been unable to use it obtaining medication. In addition to this there is large amount of paperwork just to process my own medication and the system is a disaster.
Now I am not critical of doctors, nurses and all those who work in the health service. I believe up to a point that the individuals who work in this profession have been exploited due to the ‘vocational’ idium that has been attached to it.
If we want the NHS to survive there a few things that change and here are some suggestions
A&E a fine for self-inflicted injuries caused by drugs (alcohol in particular).
Mental Health: this has received a large amount of attention recently but there is no coherent policy that has been presented to a user of the services and what changes are going to be made.

I believe in assisted dying and that an individual has the right to decide. I also believe that with organ donation that it is mandatory unless you specifically opt out.

Cannabis for pain relief and diagnosed medical conditions should be legal.