About Me


My name is Charles Edmund Whitby and I was born at home in Highgate on 01/01/1963.
I was educated at Shepards Hill Primary School, St George’s School Windsor and Eton. I studied Biological Sciences at Warwick University (Bsc Hons) and Huddesfield University where I obtained an Msc in Software Development.
I am second youngest grandson of Sir Lionel Ernest Howard Whitby
Sir Lionel Whitby Biography

Most of my family are doctors and we are all fully aware of what privilege means. I suffer from schizo-effective disorder and have had six major episodes but with the right medication and the love of my family, friends and wife Jacqui and Trevor our black cat I have been episode free for 4 years. At my nadir I ended up in Wandsworth prison for something that I did not do. I abhor poverty and when I was manic I gave £500 to the homeless in Edinburgh so I believe that for one night everyone had a roof over their head. I donate on a monthly basis to Centrepoint and Wateraid.

While this site is an expression of my opinions I am totally non judge-mental and welcome all opinions whatever your political standpoint may be.