• High speed rail links should be built but mainly in Northern England I believe that investment in the North of England is long overdue  A large sum of money should be invested in this and not HS2.n  In Yorkshire/Lancashire: Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Manchester, Huddersfield and York.
  • Park and Drive centres should be set up and bus trackers should be set up.
    Id cards should be setup for travel and owners of cars should be encouraged to pick up hitch-hickers with a large prizes given to those who have accumulated the most hitch-hicked miles for driver and passengers alike. The use of Id cards is a very subjective one but it could be used constructively.
  • I would like to introduce the idea of green miles to all forms of transport with the value of green mile prizes offset against duty paid on oil.
  • I believe that in the U.K. we are capable of producing our own make of state of the art cars and it is very depressing to see how many cars are not made in this country