None of the Above Party (N.O.T.A.P.)


Date of launch 23/06/2016 Day of the European Elections


Number of Hits 20696

Issue of the day:2022-02-08 "Do you think that Putin should be usurped?

Personal View: I do not think that this man represents the Russian people - he must go.

  • I support the principles of the Green Party, 38 Degrees and None Of The Above but embrace all party views. I am to the left of centre but not radical.
  • The remainder of the Electoral Role votes who do not vote should be transferred to NOTAP and NOTAP on the ballot paper.

None of the Above::N.O.T.A.

          • This will be a charity which means that it will be accountable to the public and all profits will go to Water Aid or a charity of your choosing. The main aim is to introduce PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION and also provide candidates that stand from all backgrounds and can do this on their own merit.
          • If voted in the purpose of this party is to vote issue by issue by whatever means available on any issue that is presented to council, Europe and Parliament and embrace the democracy and freedom of speech that we enjoy because a strong opposition and expression of views from whatever political party is important to the whole core of society.
          • One of the most important issues is that everyone should vote and we have the technology to make this possible..
          • I believe that everyone has a collective voice which can be used for the greater good.
          • I believe in decentralisation and have Liberal ideas and that national government should have a minimal and small intervention role. Local politicians for local people. We have always been focused on London for finance and this could quite easily happen in regional assemblies and that other areas of our country particularly the North and Scotland would benefit.
          • I would also declare a total arms amnesty in which every county, individual had to lay down your arms. SURRENDER YOUR ARMS.