If you are reading this page you are reading it either because you are contemplating it or are interested in my views. I will do with the former first.

Firstly you actually own a great deal. You own your body and that God or a higher being grants you freewill – nobody can take both away and certainly not your freewill. Everyone and everything makes the difference to this planet and the universe and you are part of the greater scheme of things even if you don’t feel it. However low you may be please remember that you are not alone and please contact the Samaritans – they are a great organisation and will listen to you.

It may be that you see or have a problem with your perception of why you actually want to harm yourself. Whatever the problems that they are, nothing happens immediately unless you choose to do so, but even then dying can be a lengthy and painful process there are no certaintees.

I am not asking you to stop what you are thinking of doing to yourself but consider your friends, family and those who care for you and what they may think. Give yourself a second chance – it may not work but give it a try,

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