• We seem to always have wars which destroy the culture and create refugees at an enormous individual and military cost, followed by reparation. This is totally ridiculous and is avoidable.
  • The U.N. is and always has been ineffectual. It passes resolutions that are never obeyed or enforced and you might argue that it serves little purpose and closer to home the E.U..
  • I believe that the highly paid individuals of these organisations who supposedly represent us are out of touch with reality and have failed in so many ways. The U.N. peacekeeping force should carry out what it claims to do.
  • All countries should disarm from nuclear weapons since we know about the devastation that Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Cherbonyl have done. Are we so stupid that we cannot see this and we live in an uncomfortable era of nuclear peace.
  • I believe that we should scrap Trident and spend the money elsewhere – I think that it is a total waste of money.
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