The bible derives Muslims from Ishmael and Christianity from Issac. They were brothers. Cain murdered Abel. You should not murder or kill your brother however much evil feeling there may be. More people have died and still die because of their belief structure and this must stop – all books are open to interpretation and misrepresentation. There are discrepancies in the Bible and this is the case in all religious and spiritual books.
There are unknown and known forces in the Universe as we see it. There could possibly be parallel universes leaking information about future events in our universe but have already happened in another. As I write this scientists believe that there is a fifth force – this may well be the spiritual force which we have defined as the God and the Devil in one way but another in binary as 1 or 0 or in another way true or false.
The most important message about whatever you believe in it should give you SPIRITUAL PEACE.

Peace in the world depends on peace within. If we have that we can approach problems in a spirit of compassion, dialogue and respect for the rights of others—always a better solution than resorting to a use of weapons and force. External disarmament depends on inner disarmament.
I am a failed Christian because I believe in same sex marriage – I simply dont believe it is wrong.

Dali Lama March 2017

There needs to be a religious revolution where we have LGBT individuals as leaders as well as women – only then can we begin to think that the process of equality has begun.

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