This will be a charity which means that it will be accountable to the public and all profits will go to National Kidney Research. My wife who died in my arms had a complex kidney problem and this site is dedicated to her.

The main aim is to introduce PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION and also provide candidates that stand from all backgrounds and can do this on their own merit. I also propose and end to TWO PARTY POLITICS. YOUR VOTE COUNTS.

If voted on the purpose of this party is to vote issue by issue by whatever means available on any issue that is presented to council, Europe and Parliament and embrace the democracy and freedom of speech that we enjoy because a strong opposition and expression of views from whatever political party is important to the whole core of society.

One of the most important issues is that everyone should vote and we have the technology to make this possible.

I believe in the following:

  • Everyone has a collective voice which can be used for the greater good.
  • Decentralisation and have Liberal ideas and that national government should have a minimal and small intervention role. Local politicians for local people.
  • A united republic of independent states of the U.K.. I do not wish any harm to the royal family but I do think that Andrew and Harry have made a mockery of it. Also if King Charles was allowed to vote and stand as a candidate he would have the Green Party’s interest at heart – the media has often been critical of his ideas. I have played the trombone for Princess Anne and I admire her no-nonsense and no fuss approach.
  • A policy of NO means NO to rape and sexual abuse.
  • Assisted Dying. This should be done by a panel of doctors.
  • A total arms amnesty in which every county, individual had to lay down their arms. SURRENDER YOUR ARMS. I am in favour of our nuclear ability being directly used for Near Earth Objects.
  • An end to Internet poverty with everyone having access to the Internet and being able to communicate
  • Prosecution and confiscation pf slum landlords assets
  • A massive investment in mental health spending. I suffer from schizoaffective disorder and people with mental health problems are very poorly represented in parliament.

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Personal View:I hope there is peace in Gaza

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